Thursday, April 26, 2018

Labyrinth Back In Theaters For 3 Nights!

Labyrinth is returning to theaters again for a limited three night run April 29th, May 1 & 2. 

Check out the original trailer as well as a few classic scenes courtesy of Fathom events. 

Tickets for Labyrinth are on sale now at Fathom Events or at participating theater box offices.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

First Look: Labyrinth Coronation #3

The third issue of Labyrinth: Coronation hits stores today.

In the issue a young woman journeys deeper into the mysterious Labyrinth and faces trials the likes of which she could never have imagined. Still, she is determined that nothing will stop her from saving her son!

Check out the first few pages below:

You can get your copy at your local comic book store and through Amazon today.

First Look: Happytime Murders Poster!

We have our first look at the promotion for the long awaited Jim Henson Company film, The Happytime Murders. 

Fandango's Managing Editor ErikDavis attended Cinema Con* this week where he spotted  the first image of the film's poster which he then posted on twitter.

The poster features Melissa McCarthy and 
Bill Barretta's puppet detective “Phil Phillips," along with the he tagline “Justice isn’t always warm and fuzzy.”
With the film nearing the 100 day out mark we should finally start seeing more promotion for the movie soon. 

According to USA TODAY, the movie's trailer "killed" at Cinema Con.
The clearest, laugh-out-loud reaction for a comedy at CinemaCon thus far has been for The Happytime Murders, an unapologetically raunchy puppet movie starring Melissa McCarthy (coming to theaters Aug. 17). 
STX Films chairman Adam Fogelson had a twinkle in his eye when he introduced a "very graphic" first look at the R-rated film directed by Brian Henson, the son of Muppets creator Jim Henson that is more Team America: World Police than The Great Muppet Caper. 
Fogelson said he loved the idea that most Muppets (not Elmo) were very different creatures when not entertaining families.
"You know in your hearts, when Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy go home at night and there are no cameras around and no children, it’s filthy," said Fogelson, calling Happytime Murders "lovable, relate-able, but it's filthy."
The audience at the national convention of theater owners was laughing even before the restricted trailer started to the sounds of Kermit the Frog's innocent Rainbow Song.
Then the f-bombs hit from McCarthy arguing with her puppet detective partner Phil Phillips.
It's hard to describe the plot details of the murder mystery in a family publication. But it deals with the detective duo trying to find the murderer responsible for killing the stars of a 1980s show called The Happytime Gang. 
At one point, McCarthy's character snorts sugar (a puppet street drug), nearly killing her. She interacts with puppet prostitutes. We see puppet brain kill-shots. The trailer ends with puppet office sex featuring an effect seemingly involving endless cans of Silly String.
"I warned you," Fogelson said as the lights went up.
The crowd loved it and Happytime Murders had more people talking afterward than Disney's sneak peek of Solo: A Star Wars Story earlier in the day.
 We're actually surprised more info hasn't been released through the film's official 
Twitter and Facebook pages, but we'll keep you posted as we reach the movie's release on August 17.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Muppet Stuff's 6th Anniversary!

Can you believe our little blog turns 6 today?

To celebrate, we're going to celebrate with a look at the 
6th episode of a few Henson series.

According to the Muppet wiki, Sam and Friends spoofed The Huntley and Brinkley Report in their 1961 6th episode. 

In 1969, Sesame Street aired it's 6th episode featuring Burt Lancaster, Brian Henson, and a block party!

The Muppets Valentine Show was the Muppets' 6th prime time special and introduced Goerge the Janitor and Mildred. 

Depending on production or air date Jim Nabors was arguably The Muppet Show's 6th guest star. 

In 1983, Convincing John made his debut in the 6th episode of Fraggle Rock:

A year later, Baby Gonzo imagined himself as James Bond when he couldn't find his stuffed toy chicken, Camilla in Muppet Babies' 6th episode "The Case of the Missing Chicken."

David Bowie, as Jareth the Goblin King, Magic Danced our way into our hearts in Jim Henson productions' 6th over all theatrical film, Labyrinth

The 6th episode of The Jim Henson Hour featured the creature shop inspired special Monster Maker:

Dizzy Gillespie appeared in The Ghost of Faffner Hall's 6th episode "Reacting to Sounds." Sadly, there isn't any video online of his appearance.

Baby Sinclair was though t to be "The Golden Child" in Dinosuars' 6th episode:

City Kids tackled urban blight in their 6th episode, "The Mural."

Dog City's Ace Hart tracked down a broadcasting killer in "Radio Daze."

We have it on good authority that Muppets Tonight's 6th episode was performer Bill Barretta's favorite, as it guest starred Tony Bennet.

The Muppet's 6th theatrical feature Muppets From Space was released in 1999. 

The Electric Mayhem took Kristin Chenoweth for a ride in the 6th episode of The Muppets.

And just this year the new Muppet Babies made a  "Blanket Fort" and played "Playground Pirates" in their 6th episode.

Lots of cool things happen at 6. Here's to 6 wonder years ha ha ha!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Muppet Thought of the Week - Kermit the Frog Up Close!

Get up close with Kermit's Muppet Thought of the Week!

The Jim Henson Retrospectacle Takes New Zealand!

There a special event happening right now for those able to get to New Zealand. The Jim Henson Retrospectacle, a 3 week Jim Henson extravaganza, began last week and we're now beginning to see some news makes it way to the states.

If your unfamiliar, The Jim Henson Retrospectacle is sort of like all the Henson appearances and live events we've been lucky to have here in the US over the last few years all rolled into one.

Yesterday, Bret McKenzie hosted a panel featuring Ernie and Kermit.This is not only extremely rare because the Muppets and Sesame characters are not owned by the same companies anymore, but that both characters used to be performed by the same person - specifically Jim Henson then Steve Whitmire, which would have made a live appearance like this extremely difficult. 

You can watch the entire panel below: 

Make sure to check out their websiteand if you can make a trip to New Zealand wile the festival is running, do. 

It's great that there is such a full fledged effort to bring the characters and their performers to audiences around the world.

And while most of us won't be able to make any of the events in the series, we can all live vicariously 
through the reports and videos that are starting to surface.
Friday and Saturday night is the full "Jim Henson Retrospectacle Live in Concert" featuring Bret McKenzie, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, and characters from The Muppets, Sesame Street,and Fraggle Rock.

Which seems like it will be similar to 2012's "Jim Henson's Musical World at Carnegie Hall."
We'll be sure to share any videos that surface of the shows. 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Pre-order The Castle of the Skeksis!

Hot off their Chamberlainworm, and Emperor's septer. Chronicle Collectibles now has The Dark Crystal's Castle of the Skeksis up for pre-order. 

  • Limited Edition
  • Officially licensed
  • Made from a 3-D scan of the original prop in cooperation with The Jim Henson Company
  • Features detailed base with The Dark Crystal relief plaque
  • Measures approximately 18" high by 8" wide
  • Crafted in polyresin
  • Priced at $249 and eligible for 3 and 6 month no-interest payment plans

You can pre-order the castle today at