Friday, November 17, 2017

It's The LEGO Muppet Show!

As promised, Ivan Guerrero's back with another Henson themed LEGO set and this one's truly muppetational!

Yep, it's the LEGO Muppet Show!

In order for this to be an official LEGO Muppet Show playset, Ivan's idea needs 10,00 likes on the LEGO ideas page

Please like, share, and most importantly vote!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Swedish Chef in new Tower Of Terror Holiday Projection!

The Swedish Chef, and a few other Disney characters, star new videos as part of Disney's Hollywood Studios Tower Of Terror Holiday Projection!

Inside the Magic sat down Tom Vazzanna, one of the show's creator discusses the show in-depth.

You can see their entire recording of videos and projections below. 

Muppet Sun-Staches Now Available!

Back at Toy Fair we told you that sun-staches would be releasing Muppet sunglasses this year. We heard a summer time frame and also that a special "Exclusive" Miss Piggy version would be available at Disney's D23 festival.

While we didn't heard if the D23 Piggy was actually being released. We did spot the Kermit and Animal sun-staches in the wild at a kiosk in Orange County California's Irvine Spectrum.


If you can't make to the Irvine Spectrum, you're in luck as the whole set is available on Amazon at the links above.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Labyrinth's Jareth Origin Comic Coming in Feb!

According to Entertainment Weekly, Archaia will release an ongoing comic that traces the origins of Labyrinth's Jareth, the Goblin King.

Writer Simon Spurrier and artist Daniel Bayliss have been tapped to produce the books and concerning the origin of Jareth played by David Bowie in the movie. 

The main cover will be be done by Fiona Staples, the subscription cover by Rebekah Isaacs, as well as variant covers by Laurent Durieux, Jill Thompson, and Bill Sienkiewicz.

“It’s the backstory of how Jareth came to be in the Labyrinth himself,” says Lisa Henson, the daughter of Jim, and CEO and President of The Jim Henson Company. “The Goblin King, he’s not a goblin, he’s human. Many people have asked, ‘Well, how did he get there?’ So, that’s something that we thought we would explore.” 
“We’re sort of having our cake and eating it,” says writer Spurrier. “The ‘Bowie form’ version of the character is very much present in our story. But there’s a huge amount of stuff about the people who loved him and he loved. What happened to them? How did this all shake out? How did he come to be who he is?I hope that by exercising both sides of that picture, as well as leaning into all the other amazing things that are fantastic about the Labyrinth as a concept, we should hopefully get our Bowie itch scratched while also enjoying the fantastical, surreal wonder of this world.”

The first issue will go on sale in February.

Kermit Appears in New Sainsbury Ad!

Sainsbury, the UK's second largest chain of supermarkets, has released their official Christmas commercial "#everybitofChristmas." The jingle is sung by people all over Britain, including Kermit!

Even better, Mat Vogel was assisted by friend of the blog Warrick Brownlow-Pike!

You can see Kermit's all too brief segments in the complete ad below:

Muppet Thought of the Week ft. Janice!

This week's surprisingly earnest "Muppet Thought of the Week" features Janice!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Deluxe Edition Dark Crystal Soundtrack!

Enjoy The Ride Records is releasing small teases of information about their upcoming Dark Crystal deluxe edition soundtrack

To differentiate this set from the Record Store Day version the deluxe features brand new art work  by Josh Bodwell, which has yet to be fully revealed. 

As you'll see bellow  they have released a few sections:

This deluxe version will come in a numbered gatefold sleeve, will be available in various 180gram color vinyl configurations, and comes with a book and CD of the soundtrack as well. 

While we wait for info on the release date, you can get in the mood by checking out this recording of Spain's RTVE Symphony Orchestra performing the songs from the soundtrack.